Burlesque News Interviews 

Winning Interview

Candy Bloom interview after crowning winning Queen of That's Amore Burlesque Festival Lillian DuJour

Pre Festival Interview

Lillian DuJour travels around the world to share her mission to empower women everywhere to 'be sexy at any age!'

Burlesque News 

Print announcement of winning Queen of That's Amore Burlesque Festival (translation from Italian)

Newspaper NBC Norway interview Oslo Burlesque Festival

(translation from Norwegian)

St. Motovation Magazine 

Live Interview

A live TV, video & print publication without gossip, showcasing positive talent to the world.

“…one of the best interviews I had!’ 

Justin Muzack journalist for Street Motivation Magazine

Interview with the UK's  "The Burlesque Herald"

'Bringing Burlesque to OC'

That's Amore Burlesque Festival​ Rome, Italy

LA Times Daily Plant​ Interview announcing 

Whisper Sisters Burlesque Show debut Sunday Skirts


Thank you 

Gary Lopez

Marcus Alias

Don Walker Videographer 

Frank Cox 

Ryan 1000 Words Photography

H. Heart 


Doug Mazell 

Wednesday Aja

Sarah Chavez Picture Something

Gustavo Tocchi Photographer Amore BF Italy

Sebastiano Mescolotto Funny BF Italy

Giovanni Trinchese Amore BF Italy