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       Lillian DuJour
Sexy At 

      Any Age™

"Lillian DuJour the winner of the first edition of the That's Amore Burlesque Festival Rome! 

An act from her Japanese origins, her elegance, her grace and just wonderful sense of choreography and costume...left everyone with open mouths.  

She is simply fabulous! 

 She won, because of her high end performance, that's so sensual and beautiful... just overwhelming! 

She proves it's not a matter of age!

Congratulations Lillian from the whole team!​​"

Sophie Sapphire & Ann Da Loos - Producers of That's Amore Burlesque Festival

"The jury dropped their jaws to the floor when we watched your videos - you are seriously the coolest!

So impressed by your talent … It was the tease, how you moved so gracefully on the stage, 

your stage presence and charisma, 

AND the fact that you’ve only been doing burlesque for such a short amount of time made our jaws drop!

I’m SO THRILLED to be announcing you for our festival now and it was so right to have you at the closing night,

at our Gala Red Carpet Ride main event... in front of the biggest audience!"

Olav André Gravseth  -  Producer  of the  Oslo Burlesque Festival

"Lillian DuJour is killing it! Second award for this act and it's an alternate for BHoF movers and shakers.

She won at Mile High Burlesque Fest. Also she won in Rome. She's headed to New York next for the Asian Festival. Congrats! I'm really proud of the time and work you've put in! ♥️ She's showcasing it at HBQFest too!"

I hope you can come see it. Its quite beautiful.

Lili VonSchtupp - Producer Monday Night Tease & Headliner Performer & Emcee

"it was a pleasure meeting you and judging your act. We loved it: did it in a marvelous way. Your elegance, grace and smile surely put you on top. Hope to meet you again. Godspeed, Hugs and Kisses"

Cristiana De Giglio - Judge at That's Amore Burlesque Festival

" are MARVELOUS...there is so much JOY and discovery in your express such genuine delight, it is lovely to see what pleasure the audience is taking in your performance!"

Burlesque Legend 'Kitty Ladder' aka Lorna

 You *EARNED* that standing ovation, definitely one of the best performances I've ever seen and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to capture it! I'm hoping to see you on stage again some day soon!

Marc Wolverton - professional photographer

"I was so proud to welcome this lovely power house of a lady to perform at the Oslo Burlesque Festival. I could not believe her age as she shares and empower others to be sexy at any age... and neither could the audience!

Diva Hollywood International Headliner Performer & Emcee

“For any of you looking for a lovely classy lady look no longer.

Lillian was approachable, easy to talk to, on time, and performed

with a level of grace and sex appeal that was excellent and true to the art of burlesque.”

Jenn - event planner

Your performance last night wow'd the are truly beautiful & an elegant performer!

Steven SPELIOTIS  - professional videographer

"You’re forever my favorite performer!"

Samorai Synns  - Burlesque Artist

“Thank you so much for being part of the show...You were amazing and added a classy sexy flare to the show!  

Bobbie Burlesque  -  producer Seduction Burlesque

“Lillian DuJour's performance was so fantastic that my camera overheated!”

Simone del Mar  -  producer Boudoir Burlesque 

“Lillian you were fantastic…Thank You!”

Drop Dead Dames Review San Diego’s premier classic burlesque

"Lillian gave a sexy yet classy performance, and then she taught us girls a few tips and tricks of the trade. It’s been almost four weeks since the party, and good reviews are still pouring in. My friends and I all had a blast!"

Heather Starkley

“Thank You for classing up the VT Cabaret Hour last night!” Velvet Tom Cabaret Hour

“…one of the best interviews I had!’ Justin Muzack journalist for Street Motivation Magazine

"Sunday Skirts - a Lillian DuJour/Whisper Sisters Show production

..A most enticing, sexy and fun way to spend a Sunday Afternoon!"

 Lisa Farber  -  Publisher Laguna Beach VIBE

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